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Educational Programs Benefiting Children and the Building  Industry

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Introducing Young Children to the Building Industry
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       This is the Program in a nutshell:



Promotion of the building industry as a career choice to children


Tours for school children of construction job sites, architects’ and engineers’ offices and construction-related factories; also classroom demonstrations and projects related to trade and other professional work.


Primary school children - starting in kindergarten and followed to each grade so as to build on the previous learning experiences obtained through the program in the prior year.


Organized tours for school children with the sponsorship of owners of construction sites, offices or construction related institutions; occurring throughout the school year (e.g. two in the fall and two in the spring per class involved in the program). The tours are designed to teach children about the building industry. These students see work in progress and the interrelationship of each trade and profession to the total project. Institutional visits include universities and public authorities. Audio visual materials are used where appropriate.

A session in the classroom with the Me Too Kids! staff prior to the site visit informs the students and teacher about what they will see during their visit; serves as an opportunity for them to ask questions and introduces them to this complex industry. After the visit, the Me Too Kids! staff helps the children explore observations made on the tour. Classroom activities including art projects, music, story telling, theater, or writing are an integral part of follow-up activities. These activities are planned and adjusted according to the age of the group.

Hand/eye coordination and the ability to understand sophisticated building concepts is evident in children at an early age. The enthusiasm generated by the site visits as well as the follow-up activities in the classroom are geared to identify and encourage this talent.


Each tour has a group leader, and an appropriate number of adults for supervision. Adults participating are Me Too Kids! staff, Board of Education staff (i.e. teachers), parents and professional


Visits to these organizations: Thornton/Tomasetti Engineers, Port Authority of NY & NJ, School of Engineering - Manhattan College, Taylor-Clark Architects, Museum of Natural History - NYC 


Me Too Kids!  seeks funding after completion of several successful years of operation in New York City

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