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Educational Programs Benefiting Children and the Building  Industry

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Introducing Young Children to the Building Industry
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Me Too Kids! - the Head Start of the Building Industry

Things to do to Prepare for a Career
in the Building Industry

All Careers

  1. Take math seriously before and when in high school, take a lot of math courses - especially geometry
  2. Find an adult - friend or family member - who is in the construction/building industry with whom you can hang out and do construction things with. Build a doll house, repair a lamp. This is a great way to learn tool names and uses
  3. Children should start as soon as they can hold things in their hands - it is never too young. Adults can buy construction related toys and promote positive building attitudes in children, instead of buying destructive toys like guns. Adults - read books to children with construction themes.
  4. Get a summer job in the construction industry - any job - just being around construction gives you a feel for the industry.  Even if you are interested in architecture or engineering; hands on experience is extremely important to understanding the industry and how different materials (wood, metal, stone) work.
  5. Talk to relatives and friends who might be in the industry/visit a job site with a construction person, ask a lot of questions and wear a hard hat - safety first!
  6. Learn how to use a computer - including drafting / graphics programs

Those Students in New York City

Young Students:

Middle School Students: Have your teacher contact Lorraine Whitman, PhD. Executive Director of SECBE - the Salvadori Educational Center on the Built Environment on the campus of City College at (212) 650-5497  regarding a program for middle school students

High School Students: Apply to a program while in High School - for example ACE - (Architects, Construction Managers and Engineers) mentor program. Have your teacher call Thornton Tomasetti Engineers (212) 741-1300 .  Another program for teens is conducted by the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) (718) 636-3655 in Long Island City.


Adult Students:

Pratt Institute  in Brooklyn  Degree Program for Construction Management

Mechanics Institute 20 West 44th St.  (212) 840-7648 trade related classes, you must be in the building industry

NEW  Non-Traditional Employment for Women 243 West 20th Street  (212) 627-6252  trade training for women


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