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Introducing Young Children to the Building Industry
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  Me Too Kids! - the Head Start of the Building Industry

What's in a Shape?  (images to print - see below)

The use and understanding of shapes and volumes, their elements and how these relate to each other is the foundation of much of what goes on in the building industry.

Square | Rectangle|Cube |Circle |Sphere|Cylinder | Column | Triangle | Pyramid

It takes both intellectual understanding and manual skills to realize these images from blueprint to actuality. It takes years of training to know how to do the math and lay out the work and set the machinery to construct these forms. As with all human skills from language to physical abilities these are best formed from early childhood. Toys for toddlers which emphasize shapes and their manipulation, including toys like puzzles, are useful in developing these abilities.

Educators may find images of these shapes useful for instruction

Click to Enlarge These Images (set print to landscape) :

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mtk_classrm-lesson-square.jpg (35708 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-perpendicular.jpg (53702 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-triangle.jpg (35313 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-rectangle.jpg (40116 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-circle.jpg (36271 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-ellipse.jpg (39122 bytes)

mtk_classrm-lesson-parallelogram.jpg (50262 bytes)


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